Who We Are?

In Peru, the term commonly used for shamans is maestro, and healers are commonly referred to as curanderos. Ceremonies at Mai Niti are held under the guidance of powerful male and female healers from the Shipibo Tribe: Maestro Leonardo and Maestra Lucila. Both well known and respected as skilled curanderos in their Shipibo community of San Francisco, the two now work together to bring their healing to the wider world. Compassion is the force that drives them to do the work that they do, Leonardo and Lucila are dedicated entirely to the path of Curanderismo.

Maestro Leonardo
Maestro Leonardo

Leonardo has been working with the plants since the age of 12. Now, aged 85, he has over 70 years of experience with plant medicine and ayahuasca.

Maestra Lucila
Maestra Lucila

After rigorous training from Leonardo, strict dietas, and many years in isolation, Lucila has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a Maestra.

About Our Center

When you step into Mai Niti healing center, you will be met with the love and compassion that are at the core of the Curanderos work. You will quickly become part of the family, and the curanderos are truly here for you every step of the way in your healing journey. Mai Niti healing center is owned and run entirely by the Curanderos and their family. For this reason, they have the freedom to run the retreats in the way they feel is right, in order to bring the deepest level of healing and care to all who come. The curanderos and their family will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a truly transformative healing experience and that you find what you are seeking. Living with them on their land is a truly eye-opening experience in which you will not only have the opportunity to heal and grow but experience life in symbiosis with nature, the way the Shipibo do.

What Mai Niti Offers?

We are a family-run ayahuasca and plant medicine healing center based in San Francisco, a native Shipibo community in the Amazon Jungle region of Peru. Ayahuasca and other plant medicines have their origins in these lands, as do Maestros Leonardo and Lucila. The family has been working as curanderos (healers) for many generations and has a profound depth of ancestral wisdom and knowledge with respect to the plants and healing. Their aim is to awaken you to your true potential by expanding your consciousness and healing your mind, body, and spirit.

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Ayahuasca Retreats
Ayahuasca Retreats
Mai Niti offers authentic ayahuasca retreats that are carefully designed to facilitate profound healing and transformation in the safest and most effective way possible.
Shamanic Apprenticeships
Shamanic Apprenticeships
Mai Niti also offers Shamanic apprenticeships – get in touch for more information.
Long term stays / Plant Dietas
Long term stays / Plant Dietas
If you wish to heal deeper or physical issues, you’re advised to book a free Skype consultation with Maestra Lucila.
Ayahuasca and master plants can help to bring about profound healing of one’s body, mind and spirit as well as a transformation of one’s life, and awakening to one’s true potential.

Our Pricing

Ayahuasca Retreat (personalised / set)
1 Month
Attend all Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies*
Ayahuasca Retreat
22 Day
8/9 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 3 San Pedro ceremonies*
$2000 USD
Ayahuasca Retreat
15 Day
5/6 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 2 San Pedro ceremony*
$1500 USD
Ayahuasca Retreat
8 Day
Regular license
$900 USD
Plant Dieta (Learning / Healing)
1 Month
Learn from the Shamans & Plant spirits
$2400 USD
Shamanic Apprenticeship
(1 year+)
Contact for more information
Contact for more information
Program for those who can't afford a retreat
Contact for info about discounts
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Words from Customers

Words can’t do justice to my experience at Mai Niti. From the first day I arrived at the center, I knew I was exactly where I was suppose to be. Soo much love it was unbelievable. Whatever your needs are it will be met. The people are amazing and the Shaman Is very powerful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!!!


Father and daughter Maestros, with lots of compassion and open mind to new things. Love the family and will come back for the authenticity and love that is shared.

Marc Antoine

This is a safe environment, created by experienced shaman/healers. Quite an authentic experience. I'm coming out a better human being. Thank you Lucila.


The experience is beyond words. I felt that I really gained more than I anticipated and I would like to believe that I came away the better for it. If u have the opportunity I think at the very least you can pay them a visit.

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Welcome to Mai Niti traditional Shipibo ayahuasca retreat and healing centre.

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