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Our mission is to empower ad monetized publishers.

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AI-powered Header Bidding. Unified Reporting. Invalid Traffic Protection. Customized Ad Ops.

Prevent invalid traffic

Block fraudulent traffic from interacting with your ad inventory and stop losing ad revenue

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Uncover hidden issues in your ad stack

Our Special Products

Unified Pricing Rules
Boost your RPM today with our unified pricing rules and scale your ad revenue.
Page Report
See how much ad revenue your top-performing pages are bringing in. Analyze your individual Page RPM, Pageviews, Revenue and more!
Smart Refresh
Increase your viewability, click-through rates and ad revenue with smart refresh ad units
Import via Google Sheet
Synchronize with your dedicated spreadsheet to keep all of your rules up to date automatically.
Integrate easily
Start tracking the revenue without configuring it while in Google Ad Manager.
Increase viewable impressions
Refresh ads only when there’s a higher chance of viewability, using analysis of the audience’s behavior.
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How Galaxy Guru Publisher can help?

Automate your header bidding and easily scale your bids to billions of requests per day.

Optimize automatically
Optimize automatically
Bids are compared in real-time instead of you having to update ad network priority levels every day.
Non-disruptive to your audience
Non-disruptive to your audience
Plainpoint Galaxy Guru Publisher utilizes machine learning and automated layout testing to select the optimal ad with the highest price possible.
100% Transparency & ownership
100% Transparency & ownership
There’s no need to transfer your DNS hoping that the data is accurate. We install our tech onto your ad server and leave total control to your team.